AEC : Activity 5 , Global Voices

In the following article I’m about to share, it is about people from North and West Africa risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea on makeshift boats to seek sanctuary in Europe, to get away from all the civil war, conflicts and insecurity plaguing in Syria. It is normal for people to run away from places that is risky to live in because of danger. In 2015, more than 1 million people were estimated to have entered European Union countries by sea. Currently there are 240,000 people that have entered the European Union countries. The whole trip was not easy for them, about 3500 people went missing or have died while trying to get into these countries, as the number continues to rise to 3771 in 2015.

Hence, SOS Mediterranée is an organization aiming to provide assistance to any person in distress at sea, whether they are men, women or children, migrants or refugees, who find themselves in mortal danger while crossing the Mediterranean. It is a rescue organization that seeks out to rescue those people who have difficulty while crossing.

Also, there was a quote somewhere along the lines that says Libya is a country that has lost all sense of morality, returned to an animalistic state. There are kids who are trained to shoot at black people in the streets, rob them and torture them. How cruel can they be? People want to escape because they are unfairly treated. The boats that helped the people escape was not an easy ride either, they had to squeeze and bear with the smugglers. It is claimed that the smugglers scream at people, steal from them and even hit them. Two of the Africans on board died due to suffocation because of the exhaust from the engine. The boat was such a dangerous place to be because when somebody stands up, the entire boat will shake a lot and might even capsize.

This story really calls out to people’s hearts because what they are experiencing is something that no humans is supposed to go through. The sufferings of the Africans. Why must they be treated like that? They are humans too, just like us. We should all be equally right, whether it is the skin colour, the size differences, the race differences or the religious differences. I picked this story because we should all be aware of what is happening to other countries so that we can empathize with them and help whatever we can. They do not deserve this.


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