AEC : Activity 3 , Can I Change?

There are 6 stages to changing. Namely the precontemplation, contemplation, determination, action, maintenance, termination. After reading the article, I realised it would help me a lot in erasing my old and bad habits. It would be tough to try and change myself but I would take on the challenge regardless. Lets talk about one of my bad habit which is being lazy.

Mainly the 4Rs : Reluctant, Rebellious, Resigned, Rationalizing.
First off, the reluctance to even consider trying to change. Who doesn’t love to slack and relax? Having given all your work to other people and getting the load off your chest is so much better than doing all the work by yourself.
I would consider myself a rebellious precontemplator too. Unless really forced to the point that I have to do work if not it would become a serious matter, I doubt I would do anything. Sometimes I just don’t see the need to make myself walk an extra mile for something that I could easily lift a finger to complete.
Sometimes things just seemed impossible, all the resigned contemplators gave up. It is as if you are fighting a losing battle, you could never win so all you can do is give up instead of trying.
Rationalizing precontemplators are those that find fault in others and not in theirselves because they do not really see the bigger picture infront of them. I won’t deny that I’m not one of them. Indeed I may sometimes blame others for not doing work and whenever they blame me for not doing work, I just deflected it. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but whenever I reason it out, or rather, find an excuse for myself not to do work, the situation always let me win. Maybe because I can always outwit others thus I became more lazy as long as I can escape from all the blaming.

Frequently, my guilty conscience takes over me and I start to reflect on all the things I do. All those work that I had left for others to do and selfishly slacked off, maybe I should do something to help them instead of being so useless. I can list out a number of negative things that comes from being lazy but I can never seem to change myself instantly. I would think of all the consequences that may befall whichever actions I take and weigh which consequence will do me better than the other.

After all the contemplating, its time to change myself. Maybe its time to draft out a plan, a plan for my future. Determination is key to quitting. I always think to myself, if I had a goal and I work towards it, I would definately quit the bad habit that I always do and never realise how bad it was. I have to fix my mindset onto a certain goal.

At this stage, I have to make sure whatever that I had plan and is determined to do comes true. I will have to stick to my goal and not just dream of it, but actually do it. I will have to follow all that I have planned. This makes me more mentally and physically prepared to quit being lazy and I will have to do what I said.

Changing requires a period of time, one can’t simply just change overnight. So after all the planning and actions I take, I will have to keep to my word. So when I plan to quit being lazy, I should always not be lazy and do the work I’m assigned. The temptation to being lazy again is always there.

Once I have kept my word and promises, it would mean that I have completely quit my old habits but it doesn’t mean that I have quit it completely because it is there forever. Despite all the fear of going back, I will have to be confident that I am a changed person.


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