AEC : Activity 1 , Unusual Occupations

S0 for unusual occupations, I decided to research on it and found several jobs that seemed really unusual. What hit me was the job with the mermaid as seen from . So this girl, Cara Nicole Neo, is currently 21 years old and she is a student of National University of Singapore. Her profession as a mermaid can fetch her up to 500 dollars per hour as people hire her for their birthday parties and corporate events. She is also the founder of singapore mermaid school, which in this school, teaches people the way of a mermaid’s life where they learn how to swim like a mermaid, think like a mermaid and do things that mermaids do.

In the beginning, I had no idea this was even a job, to be honest, I have never even heard of this job. How does she even swim with her legs bound and wouldn’t she drown? I thought to myself and then I went to watch her guide to being a mermaid. It really stuns me as it is a very unique thing to do and because it pays very well just for her to be hired to events and parties and all she does is gets into the water and swim swim swim. I mean this is a very well paid job isn’t it? All you have to do is swim and look elegant at it and you get paid almost 500 dollars an hour.

Mermaids are a fantasy from children novels, to think that she had made it realistic is really quite a feat. Probably only the wealthy could afford to hire her to their children’s party because it is very costly to pay 500 dollars an hour.

In this article, the unusual part to me actually meant unique. This is the one job that is totally different and has its own sets of specialty as compared to other jobs in Singapore. Normal people would be working in an office doing paperwork or in a store selling products and many other very common things but this occupation is like bringing a fantasy to life, it is very creative.

I’m afraid the downside to this is that since it is very expensive to hire a mermaid, what would be the case if there is nobody willing to pay so much just for a girl to don on her mermaid tail and swim like a mermaid? Sure it may be fascinating and intriguing, but if people only hire her for birthday parties or corporate events, there will be some day economy falls. Hence, I doubt I will take up such jobs.


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