AEC Reflection Week 5

What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?

What I like about Singapore is the diversity of ethnicity. With so many races coming together, Singapore is the only country that harmoniously gather so many different type of races as one and still live like normal people. With various type of races, it is bound to bring in several different cultures, heritage, values and what Singaporean likes most, FOOD. Everybody loves food, especially when it is so scrumptious as you drop your jaw with an empty belly. With Chinese, Malay and Indians making up the majority of the population, the food will more likely spread across these three races’ tradition. 

What I dislike about Singapore is that it is such a competitive country. We are always so busy to get things done and everything is in a rush. This cultivates a sense of “kiasuism”, meaning everything that we do must be the best and the fastest. This made things so competitive it is so pressurizing. So due to this fast and busy paced life, people have been finding ways to make things simpler and creating shortcuts. By doing so, the people will become lazier and lazier.

I, personally, am one the lazy type. I also always try to make a competition out of nothing just because I want to win in everything I do. It is not a bad thing but neither is too much competition healthy. By having so many competition, it drives a person to excel due to the stress.


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