AEC Reflection Week 2

Too many thoughts?
#3 Reflections

I always find more ease to have my questions solved but the questions just keeps coming.
What kind of a parent do I want to be? Do I want to be the strict type or the lenient and caring type? There are many benefits and drawbacks to being a certain type of parent. Lets say for instance, if I were to be a strict parent who will only make my child abide by my rules. My child would grow up fine on the outside but what about his or her mentality? How much they have to go through, with their limited fun and constantly being controlled, is this how life is supposed to be led? I could choose the other way, to be a lenient and more caring type. This could cause the child to enjoy beyond their limit and potentially go out of control. Most of these children brought up in a less harsher way turn out to be carefree and easily influenced. What happens if they meet the bad company? Life decisions are always difficult because there is no right or wrong, it may be right for you but not for others. People have different perspective on matters and this is why nobody can make the “perfect” choice. I think if I were ever to be a father, I would ensure that they have the respect for the family and their peers, that is all they need.

Most of us complain about our parents being naggy, too controlling, harsh or strict. But if we ever were to live without our parents, we would not make it far in life. Parents are there to guide the child, to make sure the child grows up to be a good person. Though some parents have high expectations of their child to study hard and attain the things they want, they never thought of how the child would feel. It basically is a cycle where the child leads the life the parents wants and not being able to have their own lives.

What is my purpose as a child? Is my goal to be what my parents want me to be? Is it to study well, work hard and get to a point where one can feel proud of? Is my purpose in life to continue the human cycle? There are just too many doubts to clarify. All I am certain of is that my role as a child is to fufil the demands on my parents so I can do them proud. I, personally think that my role as a citizen would be to obey the law, lead a life, a family, do society proud by being a good citizen. How? Lead by example, help others in need.


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