AEC Reflection Week 1

IMG-20160513-WA0017Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years. How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts?

Everybody has their own unique way of behaving. People identify other people for their traits and looks. We all have our differences, that is what makes people identify who is who. 

For people whom have known me for quite some years, they have many various ways to identify me as. Some would claim that I have that gangster look on my face but those were their impression and speculations.

Throughout my life in primary and secondary school, I have been identified as the clown of the class. My classmates would always tell me that my humour is so ridiculous and foolish it just seemed so stupidly funny.
Jason (friend) : ZiYang always try to find humour, at the appropiate and inappropiate timings. When I felt down, he went to the extent to embarass himself as a joke and it was so funny I felt so much better.

People know me for my laziness, everybody does. My parents would used to get mad at me for skipping meals and just sit in front of the computer all day with no productivity. I was so lazy that when there is nothing to eat and I’m home alone, I would just brush my hunger aside because I’m too lazy to get up and go out to buy food for myself.

My thoughts

I always believed that first impressions are what makes people define a person as. It could change over time but the impression will always be there. How people identify me as is all due to what I show them what I am capable of. I always wanted to give a more friendly impression to others.


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